Wednesday, October 15, 2008



this is my new blog, and since im horrible at actually updating things, this will probably fail miserably. anyhoo- my ladyfriend suggested i start a blog, and since she is bossy i did. 
setting up an internet radio station, since my personal art website sucks, and well i n
eed something to do. more updates to come, it will be call CLEVELAND TAPES! like the title or no?
and now on to THUNDERCATS HO.

do you remember the cartoon. a couple of noble battle cats leave their planet to defend the universe after their planet is blown to bits. but its also the nickname for two of 
my friends
if you see these two, run. they are more than trouble.

MONOPOLY MONEY for those who know which one is LION'L FROM THUNDERCATS?

So the other day i was hunting for records, and i went to a local stand in, RECORD REVOLUTION in Coventry down the street from the infamous GROG SHOP. and after i found a few Gems, which i will 
discuss at a later date i saw a copy of MAGGOT BRAIN in the glass case going for 
? $175.
now, the record is well known for the title track, with the great Eddie Hazel
on guitar. its is surely one of the sickest guitar solos, and songs ever.
but here is the thing, record sold like crazy, and its not a mint copy, not even close. i found a copy in the same exact condition for $3 bucks at a yard
sale. there are so many copies floating around, that to charge $175 is robbery, and shows that the employee that priced it is an idiot at best.
lets do a poll: does anyone have a MINT COPY OF MAGGOT BRAIN?

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