Thursday, June 25, 2009

musak, dance, one off's and lack of media outlets

i was chopping it up with my stepfather last year and he was wondering why it seemed that there was nothing going on in Cleveland like back in the day.
"yeah, i hear you telling about all this cool stuff going down, but you don't see it in the paper."
pops, there is no such thing as media outlets in this town. sure there's the plain leisure, and scene, but scene can only cover so much - not enough pages really, and they got to make it work out advertising wise.
"well they do a piss poor job."

we ask for more media outlets, more alternatives to the shit we get, but when they crop up, we dont support them. sure we pick em up and put it in our bags, carry issues around but we do not support them as we should. and we dont have the money to support them without the help of advertising, and local businesses are hurting too much to use their limited resources and advertise with start-ups.

we all know the issues. we all know solutions. i just wonder what we are waiting for.

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