Tuesday, April 21, 2009

oh, my ... god

city walking. thursday. before black poetic rehearsal. took some flicks of the abandoned house next to mine, and proceeded downtown via bus. met up with this man, who was collecting change near tower city. he told me he had just been laid off, and that he wrote songs, but "its hard to write songs when you are hungry".

that stuck with me -
its hard to write songs when you are hungry. time. the ultimate commodity. valued all the more, as we become a faster society. as we fail to combine our ambition with what we need to be sane. 

sanity. the subjective deal breaker-
says, we will not be insane. you are stronger than that. and strength, the most unfortunate possession. it has no place really. we just wish to project it as a place to be. as a trait that is atop the list. but it fails you, just like  pride.

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beama said...

hey feeq, i was catching up with you and your blogs and this one really touched me. those photos are amazing. the guy with the cup, his words reminded me of a greg brown song, "just a bum". He's says "some day when all my stuff is gone and i'm left without a dime, time ain't money when all you got is time..."

thanks for being awake...