Tuesday, May 5, 2009

magazines and other shit people don't buy for themselves

most of my friends, while very nice, and intelligent for the most part (hmmm.) don't really buy media. or incense, or paper, or sugar. things like that go missing from my house all the time. the kicker is the magazines. what the fuck? if you like the read mags, which i do- buy some then. its fucked up. LDC he and i have shared media for years, but he buys media. so he has something to offer back, for my poor friends- i mean stupid poor, not arty poor- i dont mind it, but when you come in the house with 300 dollar boots, but never once bought a book, or a record, or a fucking magazine, and you want to borrow one, or both, i find it completely annoying. further more- i'm gonna start kicking motha fuckas in the ass if they even ask. get yr own steez, and media would help fucker!

this may be happening to you, so here is how you know.
the following conversation is fictional.
- editors.

hey man, how's it going?
fine. what up?
you watching the game?
i'm a stop through?
can you pick me up a couple of vitamin waters? formula 50.
oh, i ain't going that way, but i will see you in a few.

(minutes later, then two hours later.)

what up, who won?
that's what's up. you got any beer?
yeah, some pabst in the fridge. did you bring the vitamin waters?
i told you i wasn't going that way. you want a beer?


(its hazy from the cigs and mary jane. time: 2 am)
what's this?
oh, that's this new mag i'm checking out, got it from bank news.
word. man you being having the joints.
(flipping through mag)
man, this magazine is amazing. how much was it? oh. yeah its right here.
you spent 20 bucks on a mag? what the fuck dude?
i love my media man. sometimes you buy shit so when you broke, you will have something to do. i buy media so when i can't go out cuz i'm busted i can read my 20 dollar magazine.
you feel me?
yeah, but that's crazy.
(a few minutes later.)
man, i'm beat. i'ma get out of here. you mind if i borrow this mag?
yeah, but what happen to the last one? (insert wimp sticker here.)
oh, i still got it.


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