Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a time for . . .

alot of people come through my house all day. rarely do they call before coming, and always seem to stay long enough to take something- 
a magazine, a book, (some try and take records) a dookie. stuff like that. beer, mary j uan a - yep. 

it makes me laugh cuz there is always a sneak element to it. especially when it time to take a dump. i caught L boogie
on the toliet in this shot. pretty ambiguous i think, but if you look real close you can see that is a person sitting on the toliet!
with her quiet pooping, an vegan diet it is the most unobtrusive poop out of the range of poops.
j. dixxx is the worst offender though, cuz since he once lived here, he assumes he's entitled to the full range of poop situations. not the oh, i got to take a small poop. but the "oh shit i haven't dookied all day and i need to take my power poop right the fuck now. and because he's an alien, and expels anything he consumes immediately - the dookie is deadly. if the guy drink a ton of beer, he smells like beer for three hours and then he is no longer drunk. you get the picture, which is why he stay so trim even though he eats everything. and i do mean everything.

my rule is- if i have known you for sometime i will blow out a dookie at your house, but if i just met you, or am trying to get to know you - no dookie. hold course until home- then dookie shards flying. but at my house. 

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