Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bumpy Johnson video - BLK.fiction LP

Tape DELAY, DELAY, DEALY *(lol. delo fi for the title for this post)

2009 has started with a bang. so news and notes will be forthcoming. i was spending all day yesterday filing out grant papers, and stressing over paperwork. trying to juggle the little cash flow, with the potential of a few years hardwork. ever since i was a young boy i wanted to be an artist. now after all these years, it still feels new, and fun. the challenge to improve always at the forfront of my mind. it seems cliche, but its so true- you have to think about how you grow, or its just the same shit. i dont ever want to be to th
e point where i cannot learn anything because we all know what happens when that mindset drapes over the creative windows.
above is the cover for the BLK.fiction record. i've been going back and forth about the cover, but this is it. no words, just image, and liner notes on back sleeve. thoughts? i think its funny, and sweet and creepy. and it fits the feel of the record, but we have been so wrong before. 

the main release for CLEVELAND TAPES is LaToya Kent's SWEET OIL. a thirty minute soul/electro/beatific angel record. she sounds absolutely wonderful. i'm proud of the weighty lyrics and music. its the best beats i've ever made. 

i think its important that we put forth images of us as thinking, soulful folk. and that she puts across a real woman vibe, cuz that's what she is. none of that poor baby patriarchal sex kitten shit, but a woman with layers, and thoughts and triumphs and mistakes, and confidence, and self doubt. the everything that makes us love women. i feel like for the first time i have women around me as family, friends, and lover(l.dook) that are trying to be full- having real lives. AMAZING.  maybe they were always there, but i was too sick, and silly to see them. yeah, that feels more true.

my heart is heavy with the knowledge of my manhood, and all its fails to be. i want to be better. no DELAY, just TAPE HISS.

i will leak toy's cover soon. and a couple of her videos. 

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Lindy Loo said...

Definitely funny sweet and creepy. Hee.