Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Further Adventures of Gentleman Richards- sequel to HUEbris

Christoph L. Richards 

so a few years ago i wrote a small novella called HUEbris. it began as an idea to do a fictional character about Lawrence Daniel Caswell- and ended up being nothing that resembled him
(even though we told people it did to sell books! hee.)

it was kind a popular, and bunch of folk read it and actually told me they had. that never happens, so it was cool. and i loved the idea of a book that makes fun of the author by having the character critique the goings on. plus we had guest appearances by dead and famous figures- who would talk shit too.

here is chapter one of the sequel - 
feedback is cool- this is a first draft, and since im still working on it, 
to quote ERYKAH BADU - I'm sensitive about my shit.


p.s. - if you have read HUEbris- this is a drawing of the Ball event toward the beginning.

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