Monday, March 2, 2009


megan fox.

now. damn, why did they do it? why would they destroy the seriousness of a beautiful nerd-classic like TRANSFORMERS with this hotties presence?
once i saw her, i wanted her to be on screen the rest of the way. damn the cheesywiz cgi, damn the fucking lack of character depth. what was even more annoying about this movie, which i stumbled onto on cable was the fact that important characters were missing! where were all the autobots? i found this pic of her, how in the hell am i suppose to believe she has the time to read the books behind her, much less the inclination. 

im going to admit something that most of us readers never admit- if i looked like her i wouldn't read. i would be busy being fabulous!
i only read cuz im homely. seriously! lets admit that given a choice, most readers would choose dashing good looks over curiosity, and vocabulary any day!

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