Sunday, March 8, 2009

lets riff . . .

so in my last post i made fun of Sting, so i figured
i should continue the strand, and talk about my favorite Sci Fi movie- that has Sting- DUNE.

okay, stop laughing. for those in the know, DUNE is one of the most sublime meditations on power ever written(of course i read the book dummies!) and the movie is a classic. i remember the first time i saw the book- i was about 9 yrs old and i was finger a stack of library books my stepfather had. he was in the army so anytime he went to the field for training he would have my mom pick up a stack of books from a list he kept in his wallet. he was always jotting down little line and lists in a small steno notebook he kept in his stinky brown wallet. i was enthralled by the cover, and the title had me going. i thought i could read it, by that time i was not afraid of adult books - just sound it out baby- it was like a mantra to me. sometimes when i close my eyes after all these years i think i hear her saying it. 

my parents were readers, most people who believe in stinky icky are- ok- this is no longer the case, but at one point in our culture it was true. i never understood the simple-mindedness of the politicians and lawmakers showed with the criminalization of the plant. Sting, though not a trained actor, was marvelous in the movie. 
his character, FEYD has to go down as one of the most physical bad guys to ever grace the golden screen. 

"i'll fight him. i'll kill him"

he also had the same sexy/creepy vibe to his character as Rutger Hauer show us to marvelous effect in BLADE RUNNER.

i really want a pair of underpants like the ones above. i think it would give me a totally different appreciation for functional briefs- although i hate tighty whiteys! boxer briefs, now that a different story. while i was djing tonight, i realized that BLADE RUNNER held some truth to it. just think of the concept of the artificial elements in a cyborg- and you will then realize why Replicants exist in real life. 

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