Thursday, March 19, 2009

labor song loop

the above loop is-
part of a series of 3 moving paintings i'm working on for the ArtMakers Fest in June. the actress in the video is my mother. she is such a ham! lol. so the idea is the paintings will be view on 24 inch flatscreens with original music soundtracks that you have the option to listen to, but they cannot be viewed/listened to at the same time. i think that impacts the viewing some with a few arbitrary rules. i participated at this fest in 2001, and i had to fly there right before 9/11. my film, "and he came before sweet Jesus" totally panned so i'm surprised they asked me back. word to the wise - you cannot make a good film by yourself, and have amateur actors too. you have to pick, one or the other cuz if you have to do all the technical jobs, you can direct the actors very well. hence the no amateur rule.