Sunday, March 1, 2009

considerations for a new arrival

im going to actually try and make this a regular thing, this blog. and since my computer is back, (thanks ocampo) i can actually try and put a dent in it.

so i spent the day revisiting mile love affair with miles davis, i watched a pretty documentary about him on OVATION TV. what a great channel, and then i listen to sketches of spain, in a silent way, tutu, bitches brew- made a remix of a herbie hancock song  .  .  .etc.
there is something quite amazing about him when you sit and think about it. just about everyone of my favorite jazz players spent time in his band. he was amazing at finding young talent, let them be young, but driving the whole thing. there is a moment on bitches brew where you know that this push, the search the music represents is the mirror of the youthfulness of his sidemen.
there may not be a modern day equivalent to this uncanny knack of his.

his jack johnson record is one of my prized possessions- i went to look for it around 2am, and couldn't locate it anywhere. i wonder what happen to it. i have a problem with home security, and my friends/associates sometimes "borrow" items along the media variety.
the fuckers!

i never understood why people who like to have media, dont seem to buy any. if you liked tuna, you buy tuna.  if you like shoes, you try and buy lots of shoes- but if you like magazines, you steal your friends?

i will probably end up killing somebody.

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