Thursday, March 12, 2009

the danger of love: or something else is it?

forget what you want your life to be.
she said.

he answered, 
why, if you don't dream it will never happen.

but dreams are not doing. its just theory. its always theory with you.
she said.

and mumbled,
that's what we are here for. to strive, to want more.

more than you already have? why is it that men want more than they already have? can you explain what your mother did to you to make you covet?
she looked at her shoes. her face flushing.

its not that i want more than i have. its .  .  . don't you ever feel like you missing out on something special?
he asked, and tried to grab her hand.

babe, you are always looking, thinking you are missing out on something. and you are missing out. you just don't see it.
she pulled away, she did not want him to see her face.

what am i missing out on? you tell me, since you have all the answers!
his anger made his face turn ugly.

she turns toward him, shaking her head,
you are missing out on me. on us. 

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mo said...

i like this. a lot.

funny how much i enjoy what i can relate to--i have at one time, been both the man and the woman.

thanks for coming out last night!