Wednesday, March 4, 2009

r. kelly's first young girl and vampires (hmmm)

after a night of heavy drinking with aLIVE(aaron)- i made a
 beat, fed the turtles, and proceeded to watch a really bad vampire 
movie- queen of the damned starring Aaliyah. funny thing about this very talented woman is i totally remember being about 19, and visiting my mothers house, where i spent the afternoon watching music videos with my sister Ashley. it was during this haze of black pop gum/nilly musaks that i first witnessed the only 14, or 15 yr old Aaliyah perform in her video for the R Kelly produced song "back and forth". monopoly money to anyone who remembers this song! it had a nice backbeat groove, and the rapist known for being TRAPPED IN A CLOSET looked down right creepy. 

my sis told me that they were married too. i never have been able to find out if this was urban myth, or a fucking chi-town fact.(kelly is from Chicago. im so witty!) so watching this movie brought a flood of
funny memories back, 
and actually had me feeling a little weepy after. not because the movie was just that moving. it was not, but that time was exciting. it was my first year of college, and the freedom that i had coveted growing up was paying dividends. i was reading my poems, touring, and working on stories. meeting amazing people from across the globe. it was during this time that nearly everything was full of promise, and curiosity was my friend, my confidant. 

while my ladyfriend loves horror movies of all ilk, i am not a huge fan. i scare too easy, and dont particularly like gore. she seems to not be bothered. but occasional i find myself watching a horror movie while i'm alone as a way to connect to her. i wonder if any of you do this with lovers. i wont go down that road, but feel free to comment if you feel it. Aaliyah was a beautiful young woman, who was in the middle of grand opening of sorts. it seemed that the star was the limit for this amazing talent, and as it tends to happen with young "stars",  her handlers taste was being measured by her own interests. 

queen of the damned does not compare to any good horror movies of course. and as vampire movies go i would imagine that i falls way short if a list was to be made. GANJA and HESS would have to be in the top ten. if it wasn't - it would surely be some type of filmic racism! emperors be damned. why the connection in popular culture with bad rock music, goth and vampires. i'm sure that the people who actually adhere to the goth "way of life" have better taste in music than some hollywoodummi exec. (?) 

it seemsthe only way a democracy ruled by CAPITALISM able to stay afloat is to push a very bland palate when it comes to art. a quick dig, not even research level would unearth way more fulfilling ish. GENRE does not mean DUMB. say it with me, write it on your jobs bathroom walls. we will not fall into the night, 

and cheese puff artists kill the soul.
sue me.

p.s.- now i'm gonna go to L dookie's blog and she gonna be waxing poetic about the male lead, Stuart f*****ing Townsend. 
white people.

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